Admission Process

The school has its own admission procedure. In order to get enrolled in the school the student need to go through the admission procedure. The admission procedure of the school consists of the following steps: 

Step I: 

In the first step the students seeking new admission in the school need to fill up the registration form which can be obtained from the school office. The students need to pay the prescribed registration fee. However, registration does not guarantee admission to school. Registration is followed by an entrance examination and an interview.

Step II: 

After submitting the registration form along with the registration fee, the students need to sit for the written entrance test. The entrance test is taken on the basis of the grade for which the students are seeking admission.

Step III: 

The written test is followed by an oral interview. The parents of the students seeking new admission also need to sit for the oral interview. Admission is granted on the basis of the results of these examinations and also on the number of vacancies available in each class. The school reserves the right to admit or reject any application for admission without assigning any reason.

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