Our Pre-primary academic program  runs through Montessori Approach which is designed to support the natural development of children in a well prepared environment. It creates the environment to stretch their boundries and construct a solid foundation of knowledge and skills. This approach includes

Respect for the child
CIA believes respect for children is the cornerstone for social awareness,helping them to have choices and learn for themselves.Teacher show respect for children to develop the skills and abilities necessary for effective learning autonomy and positive self-esteem.

Exercises/ Activities of practical life

Teachers help the child on the path of pracical life by sharing the skills needd for him/her. The chilkd learns simply by living and playing. Exercises given to the child develops concentration and co-ordination and social awareness and a sense of order in the environment. The child learns about the possibilities of the material world-how to adopt to the environment and how rto be creative in it.

Detecting times of sesitivity using sensorial materials
Our world is a sensorial world.So, CIA believes the quality of learning is directly related to the quality and quantity of the experince the child receives. We focus on sensorial materials by isolating a defining quality such as colour, weight, size, texture, sound or smell. Each sensorial discovery or experience that the child gets internalized and experience that remain with the child throughout his/her life.

Connectivity and Creativity
At CIA. we believe that ach child's creativity is unique. Creativity is not the production of works. All knowldge is connected and making connections bring added meaning to te excitement of learning and discovery. So, we create an environment for the unity of the entire growing personality. We allow in expression and application to allow his/her own ideas, devise his/ her own symbols.

We actively involve children in a prepared environment to make capable of self education. Autoeducation exercise freedom of choice that literally educate themselves.Teachers prepare classrooms so that chidren educate themselves.

The absorbent mind
CIA emphasize the idea that children are born learning and with constant readiness and ability to learn. The child absorbs knowledge directly into his/her psychic mind.

We have extended session to prepare children for continued learning beyond the Pre-primary, the Elementary(or Primary) - what Montessori calls the second plane of development.

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