• Boys  -6th Inter school FECA football cup2068      -first
  • Boys  -7th Inter school FECA  Football cup2068    -Second
  • Boys  -5th Inter school FECA table tennis  2072    -first
  • Girls   -5th inter school FECA table tennis  2072    -first
  • Girls   -2nd FECA Cross-Country Race 2073          -Second
  • Boys   -2nd FECA Cross-Country Race 2073          -third
  • 1st EDIFY Inter school dance competition -2068    -Highly appreciable performance
  • 2nd Inter school FECA Quiz competition 2069         -first
  • 3rd Kathmandu District Wide Inter Troop Folk Dance Competion 2013 -first       
               many more..............

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