Message From Principal

Mr. Arjun Kumar Khattri

Dear Students and Guardians,
I would like to welcome you to (CIA). We represent our value, vision, mission and promise to provide excellent education to the students to make them independent, active and responsible members of our society.
I am very proud of this rapidly growing andi mproving instituition and committed to lead it through the next phase of development and beyond. I am passionate about the provision of a strong and caring system for support and guidance because it is absolutely crucial that the students are happy and secure in their learningenvironment.
We support the individual wellbeing of our students and provide a sound environment that allows every students to thrive as they work towards achieving their personal best performance. We are partners in learning with our students and seek to deepen their knowledge, provide enriching and innovative learning experiences.
We are very fortunate in having a team of extremely committed, highly qualified and wellexperienced teachers who are dedicated to serve the students of this school as it continues to grow in number year by a year.I Iook forward to seeing you at CIA.
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